May Summary

Thoughts It’s time to leave South America. This seems like such a big deal.  We have spent 7 months in this amazing place and it is such a milestone to be leaving.  We are now a third of the way through our travels – where is time going?!  We leave with no regrets but a […]

April Summary

Thoughts Being ill on the road sucks. Maybe after 6 months illness free it was just our time, or more than likely we should have kept our mouths shut whilst swimming in the Amazon.  Either way, we spent large parts of April ill and it sucked. What’s worse than being ill on the road is […]

March Summary

Thoughts Bolivia it’s not me, it’s you. We have done some amazing things in Bolivia and there are certainly points of exceptional beauty in this country, but I have just not clicked with it.  I have found people exceptionally unhelpful and even hostile at times, the transport system is a joke and the whole tourism […]